Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Reasons Why Dog Families Still Need Security Systems Installed

While having a dog might be able to alert you to potential intruders at times, it's not a good replacement for a complete home security system. What a dog is good at is being a human companion. However, dog families would be wise to avoid thinking their dogs are capable of replacing a home security system. Below, we will be going over some of the different reasons why dog families still need home security systems installed.

Reasons Dog Families Still Need Home Security Systems:

1. Dogs Are Not Connected

One of the main reasons dogs fail as home security systems is the fact that they are not connected. As a result, your dog is only going to 'alert' you to something happening in and/or around your home if you are actually there to hear your dog. If you are on vacation, you are not going to hear your dog barking. At the same time, you are likely not going to have your dog in your home on vacation either. Therefore, your dog is not an effective home security system replacement.

2. Dog's Senses Are Not As Good As Home Security Systems

While your dog might be excellent at sensing something wrong or an intruder, they are not going to be able to detect something each and every time. A home security system is not going to fail. Whereas, your dog might be tired one day or even unable to sense something happening.

3. Dog's Are Vulnerable

Even if your dog is ruthless and not friendly to strangers, they can still be easily influenced by a potential intruder to your home. Whether it's through bribing them with food or something else, your dog can be vulnerable to criminals that know what they are doing and that come prepared.

4. Not A Good Deterrent

While it's true, dogs can do a good job of alerting you to potential intruders and issues with your home security, they are not going to be the best deterrents. The fact is, your dog might bark at a lot of different things throughout each and every day. Because of this, you nor your neighbors are going to know exactly why they are barking at all times.

They could be barking at a cat or another animal for all anyone knows. As a result, it is not going to deter the criminal necessarily. Whereas, if your alarm system goes off, everyone is going to know why it is going off which is much more likely to effectively deter them from continuing to break in.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons even dog families should be installing home security systems instead of relying on their dogs as a sort of make-shift security system.

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Things To Know About Smart Security Cameras For Home Security Newbies

Nowadays, setting up a comprehensive home security system is easier than ever. You can set up an effective home security system on your own that you can access from anywhere. Below, we will be going over some of the top things that you should know about smart security cameras for home security newbies.

Top Things To Know:

1. You're Buying Into A System

One of the most important things to be aware when you are looking to invest in a smart home security camera is the fact that you are generally buying into a home security system. You will generally be buying into a specific brand of products that you are going to be restricted to unless you purchase one that is available via open-source methods. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are willing and able to invest in the proprietary system prior to making your investment in it. For instance, if you are looking at Netgear's Arlo system, you will be buying into the ecosystem that Netgear and Arlo offer. Whereas, if you are buying into Nest, you will be buying into Google's Nest ecosystem.

2. Compatibility

When you are checking for which smart camera and system you should be getting, you will want to factor in the total level of compatibility. You want to try to find the system that is going to offer you the highest level of compatibility when it comes to the products and operating systems that you use. For instance, some systems might be much more compatible with Android phones and tablets than other products. Whereas, some might offer much greater compatibility with other products that you own. You want to find something that is going to be fully compatible with the products that you own.

3. Cloud Storage

Another big thing that you are going to want to understand is the cloud storage options and the limitations that you might have based on if you are paying or not. Some cameras are going to come with ample free storage that you can use to protect your home. Whereas, some cameras might lock the premium storage options and features behind a paywall. Therefore, you want to factor in the amount and type of storage that you will be using in order to figure out how much the camera is going to cost to implement and use.

4. Cost

Another big thing that you are going to want to factor into your buying decision would have to be the total cost of the camera and/or multiple cameras. You want to figure out whether or not you are getting a good value for the system that you are buying into.

Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to look at when you are looking to find the right camera to purchase. By following the tips above, you should be able to identify the right smart security camera for your home and the devices that you use on a regular basis. There are various options in the marketplace to choose from and you want to find the option that is best suited for integration into your home and life.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Why Home Automation Has Become A Necessity

Home automation is something that has become a necessity in today's digital landscape. While home automation does provide a lot of quality of life improvements, it has become a necessity for many homeowners. Below, we will be going over some of the reasons why it is no longer a convenience.

Reasons Home Automation Has Become A Necessity:

1. Changing Times

The main reason it has become such a necessity is primarily due to the changing times. What used to be considered a luxury is now a necessity. Because it has the ability to really improve your life and your home in so many ways, it is no longer an option. Not only is it going to allow you to save on energy costs, but it can benefit the environment as a direct result of this ability. Because of the importance of reducing our carbon footprint, it's no longer about saving money. However, for many homeowners, that is a significant driving force in adopting home automation because it can have a direct and significant impact on your energy bills.

2. Save Time

Another big reason why it has become such a necessity for homeowners is due to the fact that it is going to allow you to save a significant amount of time. How we spend our time has become so important and home automation itself has made significant strides to improve our efficiency. Nowadays, you can add a lot of time to your day by making simple investments in various automation products. Because time is our most important asset, the amount of time savings that can come from automation is simply irreplaceable.

3. Enhance Safety And Peace Of Mind

Another major reason why it has become such an integral component for a homeowner is the fact that it can have such an impact on enhancing both safety and peace of mind. With the busy lives people lead, it is important to have both safety and peace of mind. If you have children or elderly people at home, automation tools will allow you to check up on them at any time and give you the peace of mind you need to go throughout your day without having to really worry at all.

Overall, there are too many reasons to invest in automation tools for your home. These tools have become so useful that it is no longer a quality of life investment, it is now a necessary investment for homeowners.

Top Home Security Checks Before Vacation

There is nothing worse than coming home after a vacation to find that your house has been broken into.  If you want to avoid this, there are some home security checks before vacation that you can complete.  While these home security checks before vacation will not completely eradicate the risks, they will lower them.

Place On Hold

If you are going on an extended vacation there are a number of services that you will need to place on hold.  This will include your mail the newspaper and other deliveries like milk.  This is important because nothing says that you are not home like a full mailbox or milk left on the porch.

Placing these services on hold should be easy.  To place a hold on your mail, you will need to contact USPS.  You can tell them how long you will be on vacation and how long you want your post on hold.

Install Light Timers

Another way to tell potential burglars that you are not at home is to have no lights on.  This is something that you can easily rectify with light timers.  These devices have advanced over the years and you can now get ones that turn lights on randomly.

Your local home improvement store will generally have these devices.  If you have standing lamps, you can use timers that regulate the socket so you can have the lights turn on at set intervals.

Use Motion Detectors

If you do not already have motion sensors on your outside lights, you should install them.  This is an excellent deterrent when it comes to burglary.  This is due to the fact that these lights will take away the cover that burglars need.

Motion sensors can be placed on any exterior light that you have.  However, the brighter the light the better it will act as a deterrent.

Park A Car In The Driveway

If you usually have a car in your driveway, the absence of this will alert potential burglars to your vacation.  To remedy this, you could ask a friend or neighbor to park a car in the driveway each night.  Your neighbors will generally be happy to do this, particularly if parking is scarce in the road.

If you have no one to park a car in the driveway, you could ask them to simply move your car.  Changes in the location of your car will make it look like you are still at home.

Tell The Alarm Company

If you have a security alarm in your home, you need to tell the security company.  This will ensure that they know the house is vulnerable.  There are some companies that will drive past your home to check that it is still secure.

Before you go on vacation, there are a number of security checks that you should complete.  These checks will ensure that your home is secure while you are gone.  If you are unsure about any further checks, you should contact a security professional who can help you secure your home.